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From The Secretary
So far this season I have been able to keep the webpage updated reasonably
well.  Thanks to David Boddie, our new league director for making this all
possible.  I've tried to get the results online as soon as I receive them from
David and this has worked out really well. He has also graciously provided
the ever-changing allstar leaders, top guns and leading player ratings.  The
match results may not be immediately online, but should be current enough
for you to figure out "Where Y'at!" I feel having a "player(s) of the match"
and "outstanding player of the week" is a great idea. Everyone likes to be recognized for their "few minutes of fame!"
I have tried to re-vamp the page to make it interesting as well as informative.
All the updated pages will have links from the icons on the opening page as well as links to ALL the pages further down on the page. This week I have added a new page titled "Tournaments."  This page will have information relating to local SBDA tournament events as well as the local pub's LOD tournaments.  This page is under construction as I gather all the information
from the various pubs. The "On The Road Again" page will continue to have results of out of town tournaments as we obtain them. If you have any information on these tournaments, or comments and suggestions for the website, they are all welcome.  I need all the input I can get.  Let's make the webpage work for us.  That's why it was created. The webspace is free, and my work is voluntary.  The web address is owned solely by us for renewable periods of 2 years. And since we did this, you would be surprised how much it has helped our La. Classic tournament through email from people asking for information.

This Super Sunday we will be electing new officers.  Many of the current officers will not be running again. We need more nominations to have a good representation from the association. Who do you think would make a good President and  Secretary for example? Make your vote count!

Donnis Coleman, Secretary

And thank David for all his good work!!