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Welcome to the SBDA home in cyberspace.  A "Dart Connection"
for members of The Shreveport-Bossier Dart Association which we
hope will keep you updated on planned events and the results of
events.    Hopefully, beginning this season we can have the league
weekly results and standings posted in a timely manner.
We have a "cyberpub" within our site with some neat games to play.
You must have a java enabled browser to access and play.  Also a list
of some of our members online, and even a few "best shots" of some.
While here, we invite you to sign our guestbook.  There's a site map
below for easy access to individual pages. We welcome your comments
and suggestions.   No "flames" please!!

Check back often and watch this site grow.

SBDA Board of Directors
President                    Herman Coleman
Vice President            Lonnie Martin
Secretary                    Donnis Coleman
Treasurer                    Jeanette Thornton
ADO Rep                    Bubba Darbonne
League Director         David Boddie

Bubba Pendarvis            Benny Hawkins

Ted Barnett

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Congratulations to……Dale McInnis !!!!!
Who came in Second at the ADO Masters Regionals
Last Weekend and will Represent our region in April in
The National Finals!

 March 12th League Standings  are online.
However, David Boddie, League Director has
provided us with MUCH MORE information.

"Current Allstar, Top Gun & Player Ranking"

"Archives" to navigate through the ARCHIVED (as in previous)
pages for individual allstar, Top Gun, and ranking stats in each division.

The "What's New" page has information on current SBDA shoots
and upcoming events.  This week the "Singles League" info &
schedule is posted there.

North Texas Shootout? Click "On The Road Again" icon.

From The Secretary
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At the 2001 Louisiana Classic we celebrated  25 years in grand style! Go to
"Feature Article" page for a few very candid shots of the tournament.

September 11th..never to be forgotten
As Americans we will weep, as Americans we will
              mourn, and as Americans, we will rise in defense
of all that we cherish.  But heed this message;
-You don't know my people.
-You don't know what we're capable of.
-You don't know what you just started.

But you're about to learn.
author unknown to me

Various and Asundry Information
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Dart Etiquette
Dartboard Setup
The Shooter
Bars With Boards
      SBDA Cyber Pub A forum with no rhyme or reason!  Play games, exchange information, chat with darters nationwide in the Cyberdarts Chat Room, check out some dart ettiquette and some
      "tried and true" scorekeeping rules.
    Members Online -"We love email!"
    Hit me with your..Best Shot! - Peculiar shots of members in precarious positions

          Member of the Dart Ring
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