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          Corny Halloween Jokes

                     Q: What is a ghost's favorite candy?
                              A: Boo-ble gum.
                   Q: What is Dracula Jr.'s favorite candy?
                           A: An all-day sucker.
                  Q: What kinds of mistakes do ghosts make?
                               A: Boo-boos.
                       Q: Do zombies like being dead?
                           A: Of corpse they do!
              Q: What does a cool witch ride instead of a motocycle?
                            A: A brrr-oomstick!
           Q: What do you call a monster chasing a train full of people?
                                A: Hungry!
      Q: What do you get when you cross a skeleton with a jar of peanut butter?
                       A: Extra-crunchy peanut butter.
                Q: Why did the witches cancel the baseball game?
                       A: They couldn't find their bats.
                      Q: Why did Cyclops quit teaching?
                          A: He had only one pupil.
            Monster child: Mommy, mommy, I hate my teacher's guts!
           Monster mother: Then leave them on the side of your plate.



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